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Heritage Walking Group

Next Walk!

17th November- Lark Lane.

1st December-ALBERT DOCK

8th December- Waterloo Marina

19th January- Natter jack Sanctuary

2nd March Southport

16th March New Brighton Meet at Crosby station at 9.45

Our Heritage Walking Group is a group of all types of people who come together to enjoy the sights of Liverpool and to explore new areas that you may not have known existed. The Walks are exciting and over easy terrain and open to anyone looking for a nice Thursday walk. The walk aims to get people outdoors keep active, meet new people and have an exciting day outdoors, finished with a nice sit down, chat, food and drink.

£3 One walk every other thursday!

Past Walks

 Explored the historic sites in Thornton and Sefton. On the walks they explore 9000-year-old ancient sights.  

 Explored around the areas of Brunswick. On the walk the group walked along the docks on the riverside promenade.


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